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The Journey into DevOPS as a Mindset, not a Project

DevOps as a project is a failed premise since projects complete, DevOps is ongoing, ever improving. DevOps as a continuous improvement project is a non sequitur since the Agile / DevOps process cannot evolve from a waterfall mindset. DevOps as a journey is inconclusive since a journey, similar to a project, has a destination. Although a journey may be construed as an experiencetial trek with an end rather than an optimized path to a goal. DevOps as a mindset, aRead More …

Agile and The Grand Parkway (around Houston)

While attending a meeting about the Grand Parkway ( a comment was made about how the overall design of the parkway was set but the details were being worked so that construction could begin without the detailed design set in stone. What a cool way to demonstrate the concept of agile software development! Agile software development describes an approach to software development under which requirements and solutions evolve throughout the development process. Although the general concept is know when beginningRead More …