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Portfolio of Projects - Mark Reynolds

Portfolio of Projects

Upstream Oil and Gas Operations

  • 24/7 Operations Control Center
  • Drilling Operations Surveillance Solutions
  • Production Operations Surveillance Solutions
  • Geosteering Look-Back and Analytics Solutions
  • Enterprise Resource Planning and Scheduling Solutions
  • WITSML-based Real-Time Drilling Solutions
  • Production Analytics and Optimization Solutions
  • Other projects in-flight

Agricultural Systems and Applications

  • Stock feed inventory management and formulation application
  • Arid irrigation control and water conservation system
  • Tractor mounted targeted herbicide application control system

Oilfield Systems and Applications

  • OCTG Pipe yard inventory management application (DOS plus .NET versions)
  • Laser-based thread inspection system
  • Portable OCTG pipe tally device and computer system
  • Portable OCTG inventory management tools and applications
  • Portable OCTG inspection data logging tools and systems
  • Web to XBase query application
  • OCTG pipe inspection electronics and software system

Industrial Systems and Applications

  • Concrete preparation system and electronics package
  • NIST Standards traceability application
  • FTP logs management system
  • Postage meter interface and transaction capture application
  • Saturation mailing application
  • Automated mail processing and compliance application
  • Census analysis and projection application
  • Dry food processing and handling system

Commercial Operations Systems and Applications

  • User car financing, loan management, and client oversight
  • Automotive tire retailer inventory management, sales, receivables
  • College loan and grant processing and management
  • Newspaper route and subscriber management
  • Food processing management and inventory control)
  • B2C online enrollment, education, and products application

Governmental Operations Systems and Applications

  • Insured mail tracking and verification application (USPS)
  • Bank valuation and asset packaging application (FDIC)

Flight and Avionics Systems

  • Pilot’s flight operations calculator
  • F-16 advanced avionics architect
  • Seahawk avionics architect
  • Advanced Light Attack avionics co-architect

Educational Solutions

  • Development of Freshman Computer Science Curriculum
  • Participant in Computer Science textbook development