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Spring Houston TechFest - Mark Reynolds

Spring Houston TechFest

Software developers are constantly challenged with staying current and mastering new technologies. Developers who do not continually strive to learn new technologies will soon find themselves no longer relevant. Some technologies radically impact the entire industry while others are more impacting the periphery.

Houston TechFest has been a central component to the Houston software development community since September 2007. Twice rescheduled due to hurricanes, this year a second event occurred – the Spring Houston TechFest. Michael Steinberg has nurtured this labor of love since the inception at the University of Houston. The 2018 Spring Houston TechFest was held last weekend, May 5th, at the San Jacinto College in Pasadena.

A shout-out to the sponsors: Improving Houston, Code Magazine, Jet Brains, EverLeap, and GrapeCity.

Additional credit to www.UserGroup.TV. Shawn Weisfeld (, has his own labor of love recording sessions and posting them on his website. (Find my posted topics at


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