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2018 Conferences - Mark Reynolds

2018 Conferences

Mark Reynolds will be presenting at Oil and Gas Conferences and .NET and DevOPS events during 2018. New advances in 2017 and 2018 are the focus in Machine Learning, DevOPS, Azure, and Methodology.

NG Oil & Gas Summit

Enabling the Learning Organization into the 4th Industrial Revolution


As we transition into the 4th Industrial Revolution, the speed of cyber is redefining engineering models and realigning functional disciplines. Successfully navigating the challenges will require endorsement by the senior leadership, enthusiasm within the disciplines, and commitment by team members.

Digital Transformation is not a project, but a journey requiring new mindsets and skillsets. The learning organization is challenged to tackle new paradigms while maintaining operational integrity.

This Innovation Session will tackle the challenges of empowering the learning organization beyond the engrained territorial and procedural mindsets while focusing on the objectives.

2018 Machine Learning in Oil and Gas Conference

April 18-19, 2018

Machine learning has now become an integral part of the operations of most oil and gas companies, allowing them to gather large volumes of information in real-time and translate data sets into actionable insights.

2018 Data Driven Drilling and Production Conference

May 30-31, 2018

It’s clear that if oil & gas companies want to grow market share and be competitive, they need to understand and implement data driven production methods…and fast.

Machine Learning and AI Upstream Onshore O&G 2018

August 29-30, 2018

Cut Through The Theory, Code & Algorithms And Take A Deep-Dive Into What Has Truly Been Accomplished Using AI & Machine Learning.

4th Annual IoT in Oil & Gas Conference

September 18-19, 2018

The IoT in Oil & Gas 2018 Conference will focus on helping operators drive down costs and increase efficiencies. Energy Conference Network's IoT in Oil & Gas Conference is the world's largest focused IoT in oil and gas event.

Houston .NET

February 2018

Why Do We Want C#7?

North Houston .NET

February 2018

Why Do We Want C#7?

Houston Spring Techfest

May 2018

Why Do We Want C#7?

Defensive Programming

Tulsa Techfest

July 2018

The New Paradigm for Digital Transformation

Introduction to Azure Machine Learning

Introduction to R

Why Do We Want C#7?

Houston Fall Techfest

September 2018

The New Paradigm for Digital Transformation

Introduction to Azure Machine Learning

Introduction to R